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Atlus is teasing something related to Radiant Historia


Famitsu has gone live with their preview for this week's magazine, revealing that Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is coming to Nintendo 3DS in Japan on June 29, 2017. This is a remake of the original game, and adds a new scenario to the story. More information is sure to come when Famitsu lands this week. The characters have actors listed in the preview, so we can expect the remake to feature some voice acting.

The new character is named Nemesia, and she is the center of the new scenario - which is known as the "Sub-History" (in the same vein of the original game's Standard History and Alternate History). She is in search of a special item material known as "Artifact."

There are two modes that players can choose when starting Perfect Chronology. Perfect Mode places the Sub-History scenario alongside the other two right from the beginning of the game. Append mode lets players play the game with only the original two histories, and then allows them to jump into the Sub History after clearing. 


Atlus Japan has tweeted a most interesting tease for something related to Radiant Historia. The lone tweet, which contains nothing but the above image and a link to tells us to be on the look out for something in the newest issue of Weekly Famitsu. Well, we're excited to see what it is.

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