Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology's Sub History and Prison of Time Explained

The latest Weekly Famitsu magazine has divulged more details on Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. This 3DS re-release of Radiant Historia adds new features such as the third history "Sub History" and the Prison of Time.


Sub History

As previously informed, the Sub History can be accessed straight away in Perfect Mode where Nemesia also shows up at the story prologue. However newcomers to Radiant Historia are recommended to choose the Append Mode, where Nemesia doesn't show up at prologue and the Sub History would be accessible only after the first two histories have been cleared.

A couple of new episodes in the Sub History are also introduced in the article.

"The Saint Speaks" - Nemesia has been searching for a material called Artifact to prevent the continent from turning into a desert. When she visits the Alistel city, the founder and ruler of Alistel, Prophet Noah is giving a speech. However there are rumors that people who plan to assassinate him have slipped in.

"The Promise Crosses Over Time" - Looking for the Artifact which is the key in stopping the desertization of the continent, Stocke and Nemesia visit Granorg, the world of possibilities. They are searching for a certain pendant while gathering information. Is there some sort of relation between the pendant and the Artifact?


Prison of Time

The article also introduces Prison of Time, a new extra dungeon that can be accessed after reaching a certain point in the game. It becomes available once an event with the guide of Historia, Lippti, is triggered. The Prison of Time is a dangerous place with strong enemies, and items cannot be used there either, so preserving MP will be crucial in beating this dungeon.

Beating enemies in the Prison of Time will reward Moment, a special currency that is only usable there. Collect Moments and speak with the Time Jailer to trade with precious items that cannot be bought in ordinary shops. There are items that can only be obtained with Moment trade, such as the Secret Scroll that allows characters to learn Support Skills, which are also new to this game.


Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is set to release on June 29 in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. There is no word yet of an English localization.