New Final Fantasy XV survey asks for player feedback for future direction

The 1.10 update for Final Fantasy XV added a new recipe for Ignis, Stinky Tofu, as a result of a Taiwan poll, but more interestingly, gives each player the opportunity to vote in a survey concerning upcoming content for Final Fantasy XV. A new trendy outfit for Noctis will also be accessible later in May.

ffxvsurvey 2.jpg
ffxvsurvey 1.jpg

The survey is accessed by updating the game to latest version 1.10 and going  to the 'Special' menu.

Everyone gets one vote so use it wisely. The options to vote on are:

  • Story content: Ardyn's Past.
  • Story content: Lunafreya's Activities.
  • Story content: Cor's Activities.
  • Story content: the line of Lucis.
  • Story content: Ifrit's Betrayal.
  • Story content: The World of Ruin.
  • Story content: Noctis' Disappearance.
  • Playable Character: Cor.
  • Playable Character: Aranea.
  • Playable Character: Iris.
  • Playable Character: Lunafreya.
  • Playable Character: Gentiana.
  • Additional mode: Hard Difficulty.
  • Upgrade: Improved Armiger Abilities.
  • Upgrade: New stat-changing magic. 


Here's a nice pair of screenshots for the new recipe and swanky jacket.