Code Vein developers will have a more global approach for user feedback than God Eater

Bandai Namco Entertainment, having previously expressed their desire to bring Code Vein to a global audience, has showcased the game at E3 2017, where it has been announced to be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Japanese game news media Dengeki Online also took the opportunity to interview producer Keita Iizuka and director Hiroshi Yoshimura at E3. Other than trying to delve further into the already announced features, Dengeki also asked about the more global approach the development team is taking here in comparison to their previous project in God Eater. And we have the full translation of the interview for you to read right here.


Dengeki: The platforms have been announced which included Xbox One, but how was the reaction from overseas when they actually saw it at E3?

Iizuka: I think many of the Xbox One users in particular like hard games. But we’re creating the game with the objective of creating one that has a proper gameplay nature, so I feel like it is being received well.

We still haven’t released much information yet, so I think there may still be parts that haven’t been properly conveyed yet.

Dengeki: The platforms are announced to be PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam), but would it be okay for us to think that it will be released at the same time in Japan?

Iizuka: That’s right. We’re planning to do the same expansion in Japan. We’re also aiming for a simultaneous release timing [worldwide].

Dengeki: When you were actually deciding the genre and direction of the game, were you aware at overseas expansions and aiming for global market from the beginning?

Yoshimura: In God Eater, we basically proceeded on creating it while communicating with Japanese users. But for Code Vein which is our new challenge, we have the feeling of wanting to make a really interesting game, a game that can make people get moved, with people worldwide including in Japan.

In addition, if we take into account the recent [state of the] games market, we must think of a title that can be launched precisely worldwide, so we have two sides where we are aware of the global [market].


Dengeki: I think you are on the steps where you’re about to start building the game, but are there any parts you’re adjusting for the global market in the game contents?

Yoshimura: Code Vein is going to be a new title, so I think we’re starting from zero. On top of that, I think there are no differences gameplay-wise between Japanese and overseas users when they are playing a Dungeon Travelling RPG.

We’re also basing on that, we would like to do final adjustments with a united standard as the basis of the overall direction.

However, although we plan to make it a very fulfilling game, what we’re keeping in mind is to make sure that users’ “spirit won’t break”.

Regarding what could be called users’ “change of motivation” towards retrying, I think there’s a difference on that between Japan and overseas. For that part of the motivation, we’re precisely making it in all directions so that it will be challenging but will not break players’ spirits when being played by people in both Japan and worldwide.

One of the ways of keeping player motivation is through the use of 'Buddy' characters. While of course [players can have] affection towards those characters, such as ‘doing my best because this girl is cute’, or ‘I’ll do my best because she cheers me up’, these characters also have special abilities so we are preparing so many selections for trial & error, such as switching to another girl because this girl wasn’t that good [gameplay-wise].


Dengeki: In the PV you can see the dramatic [story] development and the appealing characters. Those are parts that were also popular in God Eater, but can we expect it to be powered up further [in Code Vein]?

Yoshimura: In God Eater, we made a very big discovery that [players] have more affection towards characters by fighting together with them.

In Code Vein, there is a part where we are going to evolve that feature further. This time, they will give reactions on events occurring while exploring untrodden lands for a long time.

I think it may be able to create relations with deeper emotions, that are different from relations raised during battles, such as them heading towards the player when the latter gets downed or vice versa.

Dengeki: I think many more characters are going to come out after this, but could you give us some hints?

Yoshimura: In this game, people with various histories will be appearing as vampires. You will walk the same path as them, and depending on the circumstances you may also get separated from them.

Also, even fellow vampires will have different positions, and I think interactions with partners of different positions could bring various kinds of affection, which would be a new thing.


Dengeki: A gameplay video where we could see the action scenes has been published, but are you still planning to adjust things like basic actions and effects from here on?

Yoshimura: Of course, what we have published this time also have a nuance of a progress report on the current [development] phase. And we’d like to continue adjusting it towards release until the end.

Dengeki: The presentation of blood sprays is especially impressive, but since the characters are also vampires, would that be a part that will influence the game system?

Yoshimura: We have already introduced things like Blood Veil, but we’re also preparing other features unique to Code Vein. I’d like to inform of them in the future, so please look forward to them.

Dengeki: Since it’s an Exploration RPG, I think weapons are going to be obtained by stealing from enemies or manufacturing. But how will that feature be like in this game?

Iizuka: If we had to say, we’re placing an emphasis on methods like picking them up inside dungeons, or having enemies drop them.


Dengeki: Right now I’m wondering about the size of the exploration area, but is it going to be like an Open World type, or will you be traveling on areas instead?

Yoshimura: There may be some parts that make it difficult for it to be considered an Open World, but all fields will be adjoined by land, so you can walk on to travel around the world.

Dengeki: There may be some who might worry that there will be an underground situation, or continue to see the same place again, but what do you think about that?

Yoshimura: We do properly keep that in mind and inserted things like natural caves or destroyed artificial objects, so the places will change and will not bore out the users.

Dengeki: Finally, would each of you please leave a comment to users who are looking forward to this game.

Yoshimura: We apologize for not really giving out more information batches. This time, with things like the gameplay video which we have published, we want to make a better product by communicating with users. So please kindly give out your opinions regarding the gameplay video, and we’ll be glad to receive them.

Iizuka: [More information such as] a detailed battle system, how will Buddies do explorations, and appearing characters will be published in order, so please kindly look forward to them.


Code Vein is set to be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC worldwide sometime in early 2018. You can also read more recent information about the game here.

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