Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology will have Bonus Story and Item DLCs

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology will be released soon in Japan, and the Weekly Famitsu magazine has the final pre-release article, which not only summarizes the new features added in this remake of Radiant Historia but also introduces post-release downloadable contents, of which we have translated and compiled right below.

  1. Original Pack (June 29, 250 yen)
    This DLC contains original illustrations of characters that also appeared in the original Radiant Historia for DS, and can be switched anytime in the config menu. Some characters will have drastic changes between their original & remake illustrations, such as Eruca's hair. Also, note that Nemesia and other new characters added to Perfect Chronology are not included here.
  2. Miner King's Bracelet (June 29, 300 yen)
    The Miner King's Bracelet is an item, that if equipped when cutting through Mana mines in fields, will reward Glittering Stones that can be sold for high prices. Thus it allows the player to easily rack up money. The effect also applies when activating the field action Hyper Smash.
  3. Grow Ring (June 29, 300 yen)
    Equipping the Grow Ring while beating enemies will reward Growth Handbooks, which if used will grant experience points needed to level up. Useful for people who are very busy or having trouble in battles.
  4. Dead Men of the Years (July 6, 250 yen)
    Aht the Shaman is feeling an unusual movement of Mana in the Imperial Ruins. She goes together with Marco & others, but they end up becoming missing. When Stocke comes to the Imperial Ruins to search for them, a strong enemy stands before him.
    This story DLC also contains newly drawn illustrations.
  5. Feelings Filled in Moonlit Night (July 6, 250 yen)
    One day, Stocke & co. heard of information that state secrets of the new Granorg are being leaked to Alistel remnants. In order to locate the leaker, Stocke goes to investigate together with Raynie of the SpecInt, and Eruca who may have a clue on who the spy might be.
  6. Encounter Beyond Time (July 13, 250 yen)
    This story DLC depicts the past of Nemesia, the new key character added in the Sub History. It acts as a prelude to the Sub History before Nemesia meets with Stocke. This DLC will also have multiple brand-new illustrations.
  7. Revenge of the Pasts (July 13, 250 yen)
    Rosch, who leads the strongest mercenary unit in Granorg, headed to Alma Mine with Gafka. However, a "Dimensional Distortion" is happening in the mine, which spawns countless monsters. The player should cooperate with Rosch and Gafka on fighting the strong enemies, and solve the mystery of the Distortion.

On a related news, Famitsu has also reviewed Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology and given it a score of 9/8/8/8, for a total of 33 out of 40 points.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology will be released by Atlus for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on June 29th and in North America in early 2018. It is currently not known on how these DLCs will be treated in the Western release. You can also read the press release for the official English version here.