Alpha Protocol pushed into Summer

Alpha Protocol appears to have slipped its release window once again - this time slipping from its tentative Spring 2010 date back to Summer 2010.

The delay to summer was confirmed at a preview event this week, where the developers quietly confirmed to those in attendance that the game would be out in the Summer and not Spring as previously advertised.

It never bodes well when a game slips this often - first from October 2009 then into Spring 2010 and now into Summer - but we hope Obsidian are using all this extra time to polish the game as far as possible.

Obsidian's last RPG, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords was arguably ruined by LucasArts pushing for a holiday release, causing tons of content to be cut from the final game. Hopefully this means Alpha Protocol is getting all the time it needs to be made suitably awesome.

 MTV has a full report from the event, including quotes from SEGA on how they're using the extra time to tighten up all elements of the game.