Blue Reflection gets a new trailer that details its story

Koei Tecmo shared a brand new trailer for Blue Reflection earlier today. The footage is meant to introduce players to the overarching narrative of the story and how it ties into te fate of each of its characters.

There is a mysterious parallel dimension called The Common where mankind's inhibitions lie. There, Hinako and her friends must work to resolve the problems her classmates have been experiencing in the real world. By wielding the power of the Reflector, they are able to grant wishes so long as they defend their home world. 

Here is the full overview as it was shared in the press release:

Taking her first steps back into an everyday school life, Hinako is lost in a sea of unknown faces until she encounters a middle school friend, Sanae Nishida. Hinako notices a strange aura emerge from Sanae and suddenly awakens in a mysterious world where an intimidating demon awaits her! Before she has time to react, a pair of friendly voices reach out to her: “It will be alright. You can fight. Put your heart into the ring on your finger, and fight as a Reflector!” The magical twins Yuzu and Lime bestow Reflector powers on Hinako, promising her they will grant any wish she desires if she protects the world from devastating forces that seek to threaten humanity.

This is how Hinako learns of the mysterious parallel dimension, The Common: a place created by the unconsciousness of the human collective; where the causes of humans’ latent troubles lurk. Alongside Yuzu and Lime, she leaps fearlessly into this unknown world in search of crystallized emotion fragments – the physical manifestation of her classmates’ struggles – but encounters a myriad of challenges in her path. Players will explore unique and perilous locations in their attempt to locate these fragments and resolve their classmates’ problems in the real world, and will be called upon to battle dangerous demons who stand in their way!

While Hinako and her friends solve the problems plaguing Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School and live their day-to-day lives, devastating forces loom closer at each moment. These are the Sephira, gigantic creatures harboring overwhelming powers which threaten to end the world as the girls know it! In order to protect their classmates as well as humanity itself, Hinako, Yuzu and Lime transform into their magical Reflector forms and use their most powerful abilities by gathering the energy of emotions. By harnessing the close bonds they have formed, the Reflectors fight in hopes of repelling the Sephira forces once and for all.

Along with the new trailer, Koei Tecmo also shared several new screenshots and pieces of artwork as well. They show off the different characters, the combat system, daily school activities, and much more. 

Blue Reflection is set to be released for the PlayStation 4 (physically and digitally) and PC via Steam on September 26 in North America and September 29 in Europe.

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