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Get to know Chloe Price in Life Is Strange: Before The Storm in a new video

In the original Life Is Strange, Chloe Price was a rebellious figure who lashed out at her parents whenever they tried to control or put any limits on her life. This at times caused her character to feel misunderstood by others - except when she was around Max. This was reflected by how the events of that game played out.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Life focuses Chloe before the events of the original game, but still set in the small seaside town of Arcadia Bay.

Deck Nine Games, the new developers working on this prequel, released a video today that talks about Chloe and how this character has changed both in the game and outside of it, along with the challenges involving her. 

For starters, Ashley Burch, who voiced Chloe Price in the original, will not be reprising her role this time around, though she still plays an important role as a writer and consultant. This time around, Rhianna Devries will be voicing the character in this episodic series. 

Lead writer Zak Gariss also weighs in on the discussion by delving deep into the qualities of Chloe and her relationship to Rachel Amber, another important figure in the original season.

The first episode of the new season, "Awake", is set to be released on August 31 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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