Persona 5 Dancing All Night Persona Q 2 may be announced soon

Earlier this year, an Atlus consumer survey went out asking how people would feel about a new entry in the music rhythm Dancing All Night series that featured Persona 5 music. Well, it seems like the feedback they received may have been enough to warrant the green light (or perhaps vindication for their efforts).

Twitter user @regularpanties spotted a domain registration for Persona-Dance.JP, an address that goes to an HTTP 403 Forbidden page, but it does work. You can check out the registration information below.


Persona 4: Dancing All Night was originally released back in 2015 for the PlayStation Vita. I was pretty big on the game at the time for its music, but it was clearly hamstrung by the song selection and the rather lackluster story mode. Considering Persona 5 has double the amount of tracks, the game could end up being far superior an experience compared to its predecessor.

But that's not all. The same Twitter user @regularpanties noticed an updated registration for PQ2.JP, which may point to the existence of Persona Q 2, a sequel to the well-received dungeon crawler Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth for the Nintendo 3DS.


As is the case for both domains, the site is using Atlus servers, the same ones they use for official sites. PQ2.JP currently redirects to their Persona Channel social site.

On August 2, Atlus will be holding their "Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017 ~Witness the Harbor’s Crimes~" concert. It will be streamed exclusively in Japan on Niconico (unfortunately, the stream is blocked for other regions).

Persona 4: Dancing All Night was announced during their 2013 celebration, so all signs point to this being the place where the two games will be revealed.

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