Etrian Odyssey V out October 17 in America

Atlus has recently announced the release date to Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond The Myth for both North American and European audiences. The 3DS title will be out October 17 in NA, and a few weeks later in Europe on November 3.

Update: Deep Silver's European press release says "The release date in Europe will be announced at a later time." but also lists a 3 November date. So, take that date as tentative for now until it is re-confirmed.

Update 2: Deep Silver has confirmed that 3 November is indeed the European release date for Etrian Odyssey V.

Along with this announcement, Atlus released a new class video about the Fencer:

And there are some other videos about other classes, such as the Warlock and the Dragoon:

Stay tuned here for continuing coverage! You can find out more information about the special North American launch edition here