Capcom Unveils New Area, Monsters in New Monster Hunter: World Trailer

Capcom has unveiled the latest trailer for Monster Hunter: World, leading up to the game's first playable appearance at Gamescom this weekend. The trailer showcases the new Wildspire Waste environment, an arid desert region filled with a variety of new and returning monsters - including fan-favorites such as Barroth and Diablos. The trailer also showcased a few new as-of-yet-unnamed monsters, such as a funky Iguana-looking Wyvern, a teaser for an Elder Dragon fight, and a new Bird Wyvern that seems designed to look a lot like the Velocidrome family from the original title (Update: this little fella is called the Kulu-Ya-Ku!).

Capcom also uploaded a video showcasing the basic gameplay loop for Monster Hunter: World. It's much the same from previous titles, but we do get a nice view at some of the game's UI! 

Stay tuned for our continued coverage of the title, especially as we find ourselves heading into Gamescom! Monster Hunter: World releases early next year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC release coming at a later date.

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