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Get a glimpse of the expanded Nemesis System in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War 'Orc Tales' Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive has released a short new trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, spotlighting how the expanded Nemesis System can create personal stories unique to each player and their actions in the game.

The developers at Monolith have promised many new ways in which players can experience dynamic allegiances in the game, and the footage here highlights the addition of Orc Followers. The many enemies you face along your journey can be "spared, scarred, recruited or marked" and player choice will have a dramatic impact on how each unique game might progress in a playthrough.

Check out the video below:

Past battles fought leave scars remembered and bonds that endure through death. In #ShadowOfWar, each Orc has a personal relationship to you. Nothing will be forgotten.

Earlier in the week, Monolith posted a trailer showcasing the Marauder Orc Tribe, which you can find here. Middle-earth: Shadow of War is set to release on October 10 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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