Episodic anime action RPG Closers coming to North America and Europe this fall

En Masse Entertainment has announced that Closers - a free-to-play online action RPG for PC developed by Korean developer Naddic Games - will be arriving to the west this fall. It follows the exploits of an elite team of psychic teens in the futuristic city of New Seoul as they balance the everyday obligations of high school life with the daunting task of saving all of civilization from an army of invading interdimensional aliens. 

You can see more of that setting in action with the game's first trailer, providing a small peek into its gameplay.

As the player you are an elite agent of UNION, an organization dedicated to dealing with the threat of interdimensional aliens spilling through a series of mysterious portals that have appeared throughout New Seoul. You can choose one of five playable members of the Black Lambs team (as seen in the artwork and trailer): Seha, a reluctant combat genius, Sylvi, the dedicated leader, Yuri, the skilled martial artist who only recently discovered her powers, Misteltein, a prodigious young boy with amazing support skills, and J, the grizzled veteran with a troubled past. Each character’s unique personality and combat style will allow players to chart their own path through a complex, branching narrative, upgrading their skills and weapons along the way, and unlocking amazing new powers in a quest to snuff out a gargantuan interdimensional threat.

There will be closed Alpha tests beginning in September, with the Beta to follow this fall. You can register here.

Closers Artwork and Logo
Closers Screenshots

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