New trailer and screenshots for Blue Reflection detail Battle System and Reflector Abilities

Koei Tecmo has released new information and media for Blue Reflection, giving a plethora of information on the game's combat and the abilities Hinako can wield while in Reflector form.


The battle system in Blue Reflection revolves around a quantity known as Ether. Performing offensive, defensive, and support abilities all require some Ether in order to be used. The girls can perform an Ether Charge in order to collect Ether, and collecting a high amount can lead to an Overdrive state. Overdrive is a powerful form that allows multiple skills to be used consecutively, but it depletes the character's Ether level quickly. Managing the girl's Ether level and use of Overdrive is key to finding success in battle.


Koei Tecmo also introduces a new type of enemy - gigantic creatures known as the Sephira that hold overwhelming destructive power. To combat these foes, Hinako must prepare by calling upon the aid of her friends beforehand. Each Reflector can select up to four allies which can perform either powerful attacks or supportive healing abilities in tight spots. 


Finally, Koei Tecmo revealed that pre-orders for Blue Reflection from select retailers will include a swimwear costume for Hinako, a Rorona costume (from Atelier Rorona), a special theme for the in-game FreeSpace! social network app, and a Custom Theme for PS4. Those who pre-order both Blue Reflection and Koei Tecmo's Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon will receive an Aluche costume in Blue Reflection.

Find the trailer, screenshots, and press release below.

Blue Reflection is set to be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC in North America on September 26th and in Europe on September 29. You can find the character highlight introucing Yuzu and Lime here, and a trailer detailing character bonding here.

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In Blue Reflection, as Hinako, Yuzu, and Lime leap into the Common, they transform into their magical Reflector forms which allows them to freely navigate the many puzzles and perils found in the dimension. Additionally, their Reflector forms allow them to face the plethora of Demons that stand in their way of obtaining Ether Fragments!

When face-to-face with the Demons, the girls have a roster of magical attacks which they are able to utilise to defeat their foes. As they attack, defend, and use supportive abilities in combat, they will drain Ether, the source of their magical abilities. To accumulate this power, they must perform an Ether Charge, which not only sees them gather more power - but also the ability to perform stronger attacks on their opponents. Once enough Ether is charged, the Overdrive ability is unlocked, allowing players to use several skills consecutively in exchange for this magical energy. Strategically using Overdrive is key in battle, as Ether is greatly depleted to allow the Reflectors to perform increasingly impactful attacks - leaving them with no choice but to perform an Ether Charge!

The Demons which inhabit The Common are not the only foes Hinako, Yuzu, and Lime will face, as devastating forces loom closer at every moment; the Sephira, gigantic creatures which harbour overwhelming powers and threaten to end the world. Facing these deadly opponents is impossible alone, and the girls will have to call upon their friends for support. Before battle, players are able to select up to four supporting allies for each of the Reflectors. When they are in a tight spot, and need the support of their allies, the girls can call for help in the form of strong attacks which will greatly damage the Sephira or utilise healing abilities to recover or buff the Reflectors’ powers. Companions not only help when called upon, but they will provide Live Tweets via FreeSpace! to provide the Reflectors with battle advice!

If players accumulate enough Ether in a fight against the Sephira, the Guard ability is upgraded to Reflect. When a Reflector uses this ability, they unleash their magical power to create a barrier which even the most overwhelming of creatures cannot penetrate.

To further introduce the magical Reflector abilities and deep battle systems featured within Blue Reflection, KOEI TECMO released an action-packed trailer, alongside screenshots and artwork of the devastating Sephira which Hinako and friends will have to overcome to save the world!

Finally, pre-order bonuses are available from select retailers before launch, including a costume pack which includes the School Swimsuit and Rorona style costumes, with the latter being the outfit donned by Rorolina Frixell in Atelier Rorona - and a “FreeSpace!” theme to change the look of the in-game social networking app. Furthermore, players who pre-order on the PlayStation®4 system will receive an Original Custom Theme. Those who pre-order both Blue Reflection and Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon will receive a special outfit for Hinako which allows her to don the armour of Aluche, as well as an outfit for Aluche which allows her to wear Hinako’s school uniform.

Blue Reflection Screenshots and Artwork
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