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Nintendo: It's 'too early' to talk about The Last Story for the West

Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway has gone on record with Wired stating that it's "too early to say" if Mistwalker's latest RPG The Last Story will make its way West or not.

Asked about the potential for Xenoblade and The Last Story to get localized for the West, Cammie refused to be drawn on the possibility of the two heading West. "It’s too early to say whether we’re going to bring those here; we just found out about them when Mr. Iwata announced them at the conference (in Japan)."

When asked by RPG Site if they'd be present at E3 2010 earlier this year Mistwalker took down our contact details and told us they'd be in touch. Interesting...

Mistwalker are a game studio helmed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. They've previously put out titles like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, and Lost Odyssey is still the best-selling Japanese RPG in the West this generation - a title that is set to be bested next month - but by another series Sakaguchi created.

Our guess? It's coming West, and will be announced at E3. We'll be at the show to bring you the latest if it is, so stick with us.

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