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TGS 2017: Dragon's Crown Pro announced for PlayStation 4 in Japan

Leaked late last week, Dragon's Crown Pro was officially announced at the 2017 PlayStation Press Conference ahead of Tokyo Game Show. The game is set to release on January 25, 2018 in Japan, and a new trailer was shown at the event which you can find below.

This release seems to be a straightforward remaster of the 2013 PS3/Vita release, featuring 4K resolution and a new live orchestra recording of the soundtrack. The new release will also feature multiplayer compatibility with the PS3 and Vita versions. A special Royal Edition will also be released in Japan featuring a special box, 3 CD orchestra album, a 12-page illustration booklet, and a special PS4 custom theme.

An English localization for Dragon's Crown Pro has not yet been announced.

Dragon's Crown Pro


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