TGS 2017: Hokuto ga Gotoku Website Adds New Characters and More

The official Hokuto ga Gotoku website updated to reveal a handful of new characters and mini-games coming to the crossover title from Yakuza Studios and Fist of the North Star.

Jagi (voiced by Hidenari Ugaki) the youngest of the four Hokuto Brothers, Souther (voiced by Hiroki Touchi) the sole successor of the Nanto Hoo Ken style, Nadai (voiced by Masato Obara) the founder of Eden, and Uighur (voiced by Naomi Kusumi) the warden of Cassandra Prison will join the cast of Hokuto ga Gotoku.


Several mini-games will be available in Hokuto ga Gotoku to entertain players in this post-apocolyptic setting. Rally races, bartending, baseball, and nightclub management are among the activites you can enjoy in Eden. Participating in rally races give you the opportunity to win equipment to upgrade your buggy, providing more opportunites to explore the wastes. Bartending gives Kenshiro the opportunity to connect with his customers while making them cocktails.


The inclusion of the Sega Mark III title Hokuto no Ken will be available as well. This side-scrolling action game has five stages (the Town of Southern Cross, God's Land, Devil's Rebirth, the Legacy of Cassandra, and the Cross Mausoleum of the Holy Emperor), culminating in a final one-on-one battle with Raoh.

A gameplay video was also shown, showcasing three minutes of combat in Hokuto ga Gotoku. No additional information regarding the combat system has been posted as of yet.

Hokuto ga Gotoku Screenshots

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Hokuto ga Gotoku will release in Japan on February 22, 2018. There has been no word of a North American or European release date as of yet.