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Demon Gaze II - Character Trailer

NIS America has posted a new trailer for Demon Gaze II, showcasing the main cast of the game as well as some of the supporting demons that can join your dungeon-crawling party. You also get to see some returning faces from the first Demon Gaze.

Find the trailer below, alongside character descriptions from NIS America

Muse - The Revolutionist Party's leader and manager of Stella's Place, their headquarters. She is the MC for the Overthrow Radio program, on which she exposes injustices.

Prim - Muse's younger sister. Has an incomparable singing voice. She sings "Starlita" on Overthrow Radio for all listeners to hear.

Prometh - A mysterious girl. She is the Revolutionists' broadcast writer and part-time mortician.

Cassel - A reliable man who supports the revolution. He runs the Weapon and Item Shop inside Stella's Place

Lezerem - A black-market radio dealer who supports the Revolutionists. He tends to go missing often...

Toma - An energetic butler who works at Stella's Place

Demon Gaze II will arrive on November 14 for North America and November 17 in Europe for both the PlayStation 4 and Vita. You can find the 'Welcome to Asteria' trailer here.

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Demon Gaze II Characters


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