TGS 2017: Capcom elaborates on Monster Hunter: World's Crafting System, Canteen, and More

Capcom released more information during Tokyo Game Show 2017 on Monster Hunter: World regarding the crafting, eating, and Palico features. Elaboration on the newly revealed Pukei Pukei was included as well.

The Smithy

You can produce and upgrade weapons with money and materials, which can be selected from the weapon tree. A rollback feature has also been introduced in which you can remove a subsiquent upgrade to change the branching path your weapon might take. Thankfully the materials used for the rollback will be returned to the player.


Armor can be upgraded by using "Armor Spheres" that are received as rewards from quests and other methods. You can also try on armor you are interested in.

Equpiment for Palico can be crafted through the workshop. Armor for your Palico can be made with minimum materials and investigation points - points acquired through quest investigation and exploration. 


The Wishlist feature has been implimented. You can now register the equipment you would like to craft or upgrade to your Wishlist and check the materials needed at any time. You will also be given a notifcation via system message when you gather materials for the armor or weapons you have registered on your Wishlist.

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By equipping armor that posses equipment skills you can upgrade your abilities and acquire special abilities. Keep in mind that not all armor sets possess equipment skills. Additionaly, equipping armor with the same equipment skill, that skills level will increase and it's effect will become stronger.

Some armor sets possess series skills and by equipping a set amount of armor with series skill can trigger powerful skills. You can also search and sort the armor crafting and equipment box for armor sets with specific series skills.


Charms are additional accessories that can posess skills. They have no efficency as armor. However, by upgrading charms at the smithy it's possible to increase the potency of the skill it posseses. Charms can be crafted and upgraded by using money and materials.

In Monster Hunter: World armor can be equipped regardless of weapon type. Equipping a close range weapon will trigger a different effect such as a "physical damage reduction bonus" whereas equpping a long range weapon can trigger an "attribute damage reduction bonus."

During exploration and quests you can change your equipment at your camp to prepare for any situation.

The Canteen

Players can make use of the cooking feature in Monster Hunter: World to receive various power-up effects. When combining certain ingredients different supplimentary buffs will be granted. You can now eat meals outside of your base at your camp to restore these effects after they've worn off.

Stove cooking is now available! You can now give items to the receiptionist to convert into ingrediants. However, keep in mind that depening on the item you give her will sometimes come out with interesting outcomes.. For cooking that takes a mission to complete the receptionist will ready the meal for you after completion.

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The Feylne Palico can prove to be a valuable asset while hunting monsters in Monster Hunter: World. They are capable of providing various abilities such as attack and recovery.

A unique skill of the Palico is their ability to communicate with the monsters of Monster Hunter: World. They are able to negotiate with monsters while the player is on the hunt, if it is able to negotiate successfully this monter can be used in combat against greater foes.


The Tetoru have been added. Similiar to Feylnes they have knowledge that only monsters living in high-density environments would have.

The Pukei Pukei


A Bird Wyvern monster that stores venom inside of its body. It eats vegetation such as scatternuts and stores them in its mouth and tail. It can fire a powerful poison breath by mixing it with venom.

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Monster Hunter: World will release worldwide on January 26, 2018 - for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC release will come at a later date.

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