TGS 2017: Capcom Details Monster Hunter: World Character Creation, Mantle System

Character customization has been a thing in Monster Hunter since the beginning, but Capcom looks to be expanding the system in Monster Hunter: World. The Japanese official twitter for the series went over some information about the new system, and Gematsu have translated the news.

Character Creation

Much like previous titles in the series, players can edit their character's hairstyle, eyes, and certain aspects of their face such as facial hair and tattoos. This time around, players can adjust each aspect of their face individually, adjusting the size and orientation of facial features alongside a pre-baked variety of presets. Much like in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, your character will be visible in certain story scenes.


Palico Customization

Although Palicos aren't playable like they were in Monster Hunter Generations/Monster Hunter Double Cross, they too have received an upgrade to their customization. While players don't have quite as many options while customizing Palicos, players do have the ability to determine their eye, ear, and tail shapes - as well as determine their fur patterns, and are even to customize the color of their fur down to specific colors from a spectrum.

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Mantle System

Mantles are a new feature to Monster Hunter: World, certain cloaks that can be worn on top of armor for a limited amount of time - granting the user special effects. As of right now, there are 4 varieties - the Ghille Mantle, which allows for stealth (said effect dissapears if you attack or take damage, and does not work if applied while in a monsters direct line of sight), the Rocksteady Mantle which prevents the player from being staggered from attacks or enemy roar/tremor/wind effects, and lessens damage received from attacks, the Challenger Mantle which directs monster attention to the wearer, diverting them away from party members (effect is lost if the player wearing it is attacked), and the Glider Mantle that can be seen in the latest trailer, which allows players to ride strong winds, increases the amount of time players spend in the air after a jump, and makes it easier for players to mount a monster.


Monster Hunter: World releases worldwide on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26th, 2018. A PC release will come at a later date.

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