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All Mistwalker time on The Last Story, no new 360 titles any time soon

Hironobu Sakaguchi's Mistwalker Corp is now on Twitter, and they've been surprisingly open in responding to and interacting with fans of their games over the micro-blogging service.

The company recently responded to questions regarding another Xbox 360 title from them, stating that right now all their efforts are on The Last Story, their newly announced Wii RPG. This means a sequel to 360 RPGs Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon or a revival of cancelled 360 JRPG Cry-On are off the cards for the forseeable future.

"At this moment, we are putting all our time and effort on The Last Story. Hope you own Wii..." they tweeted back in response to a fan who asked about the potential for another 360 RPG from the company.

The Last Story has been confirmed for Japan sometime this year. Details on when it could land in the West are currently unconfirmed.

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