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Atlus USA outlines DLC schedule and prices for Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

Atlus USA has revealed the DLC schedule for Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth, which includes character skins, special quests to gain experience and items, and a toggle for FM synth style music for the game's BGM.

Atlus also posted an unboxing video of the game's launch edition, available with pre-orders and first-print copies in North America and Europe. In addition, a free 3DS system theme is now available in North America to download and will be available in Europe at launch.

Find the DLC outline below:

October 17 (Launch Day!)

  • New Explorers 1 ($1.99): School Boy Uniform
  • New Explorers 2 ($1.99): School Girl Uniform
  • New Explorers 3 ($1.99): Lady's Sweater

October 24

  • New Explorers 4 ($1.99): Etrian Odyssey 1 Protector
  • New Explorers 5 ($1.99): Etrian Odyssey 1 Medic
  • Wizardly Experience Quest ($1.99): Adds a new, repayable quest and an accessory that grants 3x as much EXP gains
  • Wizardly Fortune Quest ($1.99): Adds a new, repayable quest and an accessory that raises the enemy drop rate to 100%

October 31

  • New Explorers 6 ($1.99): Etrian Odyssey 2 Gunner
  • FM Synth Arranged Sounds ($4.99): Adds a music player function. Switch the game's BGM by accessing the music player in the Options menu

Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth is set for release on October 17 in North America and November 3 in Europe (available digitally on Oct 17).  A free demo is currently available on Nintendo eShop.

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