First trailer and screenshots for Metal Max Xeno

Kadokawa games has posted the first full trailer and screenshots for Metal Max Xeno, set to release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita next spring in Japan.

Set in 209X, Metal Max Xeno takes place in a wasteland know as Death Tokio. The main protagonist, Talis, swears revenge against a superclass monster that killed his family. Tanks play a vital role in the game, such as the series familiar Red-Wolf tank, as they are needed for people to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

You can shoot at enemies on the overworld before entering battle to take out enemies in a single shot, or to damage them and gain a preemptive strike. Tanks also have a shield that can prevent direct damage to the tank for a limited period of time.


Talis is a half mechanoid 20-yr old who seeks revenge for his murdered family. He is joined by Toni, an 18-yr old daughter of a trader to sticks with Talis after her father died. Yoki is a 21 yr-old war orphan who is knowledge about machine maintence, and has feelings for Toni.

The main threat in Metal Max Xeno are known as Sons of Noah (SoNs), who are driven to eradicate mankind. They are primarily responsible for the current state of Death Tokio, and seem to understand human language and operate as a cohesive group.


Find screenshots and character art in the gallery below.

Metal Max Xeno