New Environment, PlayStation Exclusive Content, and Beta Test Announced for Monster Hunter: World

Today's Paris Games Week PlayStation conference showcased a new trailer for Monster Hunter: World, detailing the new Rotten Vale environment, as well as a PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn collaboration DLC. The Rotton Vale is a cave like environment, filled with the corpses of dead monsters, and even areas with deadly toxic mist that obscure the environment. The trailer showed off a few new monsters that players can hunt, including the new Radobaan - a monster that wears pieces of other monster's corpses as its own armor. Some other large monsters were showcased in the trailer, such as a blood red fanged wyvern, but Capcom has yet to release specific details about the other monsters shown in today's trailer.

Another piece of news dropping with today's trailer, is at least some of the previously announced PlayStation 4 exclusive content. Much like in the past, Monster Hunter: World will be receiving collaboration DLC, and PS4 owners will be able to unlock armor for their hunter that allows them to dress up as Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn. Upon completing the collaboration quest that will release after the game's launch, players will be able to craft Aloy's armor as well as craft armor for their Palico that makes them look like a robot straight out of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Finally, the last bit of information announced today was a Beta test for the game, coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 this December. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to play the Beta from December 9-12 - tasking players with tackling a Great Jagras and an Anjanath in the Ancient Forest, as well as a Barroth in the Wildspire Waste. The Beta test will allow both solo and online play.

monster hunter world beta test.jpg

Monster Hunter: World launches worldwide on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One January 26th, 2018, With a PC release coming at a later date.

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