World of Final Fantasy coming to Steam on November 21

Through a post made by the official Final Fantasy Twitter, World of Final Fantasy has been announced for Steam. This PC port of this PlayStation 4 and PSVita title will arrive on November 21. World of Final Fantasy follows the story of Lann and Reynn as they look for their mother in the mysterious land of Grymoire. Guided by the mysterious creature Tama, this brother and sister duo will encounter a variety of familiar faces unique to the Final Fantasy series to aid them on their quest.

You can watch the announcement video below.

Check out the press release below which highlights some of the PC specific features and inclusions, including new unique legendary creatures.

WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY offers classic RPG gameplay mechanics with adorable visuals. Players can capture, customize and grow a variety of familiar FINAL FANTASY® creatures as they join siblings Reynn and Lann on their adventure through the land of Grymoire.
Key features include:

  • STEAM Trading Cards
  • STEAM Achievements
  • Full keyboard and controller support
  • Extensive list of bonus legendary creatures and characters, including Sephiroth, Balthier, White Chocobo™ and Glow Moogle™.

Those who purchase the game prior to November 28 will also receive the Day One Edition, which includes a digital soundtrack sampler featuring enchanting tracks from the game and a stunning wallpaper showcasing legendary FINAL FANTASY heroes and creatures.

World of Final Fantasy will release for Steam on November 21, 2017.

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