NCSoft announces Project TL, the next game in the Lineage series

During their annual media day press event yesterday, NCSoft announced a brand new MMORPG called Project TL.

Clearly a tentative name, but that's not all. This is being labeled as the next entry in the company's incredibly popular Lineage series, and it will be developed using Unreal Engine 4. It is also a remake of the constantly delayed Lineage Eternal, the original successor. Instead of using premade avatars, you will be able to completely customize the look of your character, with five different classes to choose from.

The first trailer for Project TL takes a look at many of the different aspects of the experience including how destructible buildings and terrain, dynamic weather, and so on.

Other than the trailer, all we know right now is there will be a closed beta in Korea sometime in 2018. There has been no confirmation of a localization as of today.