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Demon Gaze II demon dating blog and new DLC announced

Demon Gaze II is coming out soon for Playstation 4 and Vita on November 14 in North America and 17 in Europe, so NIS America released a new blog entry that delves into the game's system of dating demons and the perks of it. Dating demons is an integral part of giving yourself every advantage in the fight against Magnastar and his evil demonic army, so go ahead and have a read of the blog for more details of its benefits and system.

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Several DLC for the game has also been announced, both free and to be purchased.

Free Forever For All Regions

  • Revolutionist Support Set A - Includes Undies Gem (x3), Furniture Gem (x3), Bronze Gem (x2), Gold Bar (x1)
  • Revolutionist Support Set B- Includes Strengthen Gem (x1), Furniture Gem (x3), Accessory Gem (x3), Gold Bar (x1)

Free For All Regions First Two Weeks - $0.99/€0.99 After Two Weeks

  • Dungeon Support Set A - Includes Katana Gem (x3), Sword Gem (x3), Shield Gem (x3), Fairy Balm (x1), Cure-All (x1), Star Tree Seed (x1)
  • Dungeon Support Set B - Includes Katana Gem (x3), Sword Gem (x3), Shield Gem (x3), Meat (x3), Wine (x1)
  • Dungeon Support Set C - Includes Katana Gem (x3), Sword Gem (x3), Shield Gem (x3), Gunpowder (x5), Super Gunpowder (x3)
  • Dungeon Support Set D - Includes Katana Gem (x3), Sword Gem (x3), Shield Gem (x3), Luxury Horn (x1), God Gold Coin (x1), Silver Bar (x1)

Additional DLC - $0.99/€0.99

  • Surprise! Three Noisy Cape Set! - Includes Monster Cape, Adult Cape, Chirp-Chirp Cape

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