Final Fantasy XV Comrades is now available

Final Fantasy XV Comrades releases today, allowing for players to partake in cooperative missions online. In order to access this content players must own Final Fantasy XV and either have purchased the Final Fantasy XV season pass or the stand alone purchase of Comrades. A Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership is required to use this online expansion.

'Comrades' takes place after Chapter 13 in the game, where players act as survivors from the Kingsglaive working to find out more about the disappearance of Noctis. As members of Kingsglaive, players can equip various kinds of royal sigils that grant special powers from the Lucian bloodline. 

Set in a world engulfed by darkness, the expansion casts players as a member of the Kingsglaive, with powers and unique abilities invoked from various Lucian kings, who join forces to bring the Light back to the kingdom of Lucis. Players will be given the opportunity to create their own player avatar and participate in various quests such as "Defense" and "Escort" missions. These quests will allow up to four players to cooperate and receive rewards through completion of these various missions.


Your base of operations will be in the city of Lestallum.This is where you will be able to customize your character and clear various quests that will be available to the player. 


The "King's Protection" is a feature that has been implemented for Comrades. By choosing a King the player's attributes and stats will be changed accordingly. Each King provides unique characteristics and abilities for the player to use in order to complete objects and quests.


Additionally, familiar faces from Final Fantasy XV will appear in this expansion. As you progress through this expansion you will see characters unique to Final Fantasy XV along with new encounters and more towns to explore. Noctis, Gladio, and Ignis will be available in future updates.

Free updates will be coming to Final Fantasy XV Comrades throughout November. These updates include specialty food dishes that will also be available in the base game of Final Fantasy XV as well.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Screenshots

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