Dragon's Crown Pro likely stealth announced for localization via Sony

Earlier today, Sony revealed their list of exhibitors and over 100 playable titles for this year's PlayStation Experience that will be happening the first weekend of December.

Among the list of playable games which include Shadow of the Colossus and TERA Online (more than a year after its original announcement) was the odd appearance of Dragon's Crown Pro.

Now, despite the fact it was originally announced during Tokyo Game Show (after it was leaked via a web banner), all we knew was that the game would be released in Japan. Of course, you may say it was a foregone conclusion we would receive it at some point. However, up until now, there has been no word this was the case.


Not long after Sony published the article, they quietly removed Dragon's Crown Pro from the list. Suffice to say, it makes me really doubt they put it there by pure accident. The real error is likely this was meant to be kept a secret until we were either closer or kicking off PlayStation Experience proper. Either way, it seems like we're going to be enjoying more sidescrolling RPG action real soon-like.