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Elminage Original now available on Steam

Originally released on PSP back in 2012, Elminage Original - Priestess of Darkness and The Ring of the Gods is now available on Steam for $9.99, with a 20% discount for launch week. The dungeon crawler also released on Nintendo 3DS earlier this year.

Elminage is an "old-school" Japanese first-person dungeon crawler series in the vein of Wizardry titles, and we reviewed the previously PC released game Elminage Gothic back in 2014 (which is actually the 4th game in the series). These games are no joke when it comes to difficulty and will not hold your hand, at all. If you don't mind minimalistic barebones storylines, old style presentation and graphics, and getting your teeth kicked in, the game might be up your alley!

Here's the overview of the game, courtesy of the Steam page.


For all budding adventurers, the king of 3D dungeon crawler RPGs - 'Elminage ORIGINAL - Priestess of Darkness and The Ring of the Gods ' - has finally arrived on Steam.

The original 3D dungeon RPG has returned!

Create and raise your characters to defeat the monsters that lurk deep in the labyrinth-like dungeons. Its simple gameplay and sense of freedom makes you feel like you are truly inside a fantasy world.

Choose from 16 occupation including the likes of Fighter, Mage and Samurai. With 9 races to choose from, diverse parties can be created set according to gender, age and their personality. In addition, customize the game to your liking with the graphic/sound functions. 

With many events along the way, fulfill the main quest to search for the 5 rings. Let's open the gates and head out to a new adventure.

Finally, check out some screenshots in the gallery.

Elminage Original Screenshots

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