Seven: The Days Long Gone is releasing on December 1, here's what the combat is like

If you're looking for new isometric RPGs to sink your teeth into, the open-world RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone is coming out tomorrow on Steam, a vibrant game offering stealth mechanics to action packed gameplay in the prison island of Peh.

You will play as the Master Thief Teriel, and explore around Peh as you please. The game encourages you to make choices gameplay and story-wise; you can freely switch between stealth and action playstyles, and on the other hand you can choose to help or exploit Peh's inhabitants. Of course, there will be consequences; you'll be meeting a myriad of characters from slaves and prisoners to rich socialities, so there's a lot of variety offered. Everyone has their own agenda after all, and there's always more than what meets the eye. The fate of the Vetrall Empire rests in your hands.

Downloadable content for the game is available on the Steam page as well, which includes the game's original soundtrack, artbook, guidebook, and map.

Seven: The Days Long Gone screenshots