Square Enix Updates: The 3rd Birthday and FF Agito XIII

Square Enix has high hopes for its upcoming PSP shooter The 3rd Birthday, and believes that it will “exceed expectations”. It looks like the game will get a proper reveal soon. The news was announced on the Square Enix Members Japanese Twitter page a few hours ago.

“We should have a chance to show it off shortly,” director Hajime Tabata said.

The 3rd Birthday is a spin-off of PSone classic RPG Parasite Eve, and will be released on to the PSP, having previously appeared on mobile phones.

Tabata also said that the company's other major PSP title, Final Fantasy Agito XIII was “progressing well." "The reaction was extremely positive when we showed the development version to the producers, management and marketing team in March."

We'll keep you updated on both games as we find out more from Square Enix!