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Halo studio's next title could be an Action RPG

Halo Developer Bungie could be working on an Action RPG, according to a job posting on the developer's official website.

The job posting in question is looking for a lead writer for the upcoming project, with the posting calling out for those with experience in "branching or non-linear narrative." A branching storyline, then.

The guys over at Gamespot have taken a stab that this could mean the game is a storyline-focused action RPG akin to Mass Effect or Eidos' Deus Ex, which is now owned by Square Enix.

Bungie are to part ways with the Halo series after Halo Reach, set to be released this Fall. While the Halo Reach beta begins today, Bungie last week announced they'd signed up for a 10-year exclusivity deal to bring their next project to multiple platforms through Activision. You can get the lowdown on all that from our buddies over at VG247.

Rest assured, if this project is an RPG, we'll be reporting on it. Stay tuned.

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