Elder Dragons, Deviljho DLC Take Center Stage in Latest Monster Hunter: World Trailer

Capcom has released a new trailer for Monster Hunter: World, showcasing the game's Elder Dragons (special, dangerous monsters that can be crafted into especially powerful gear), while also confirming a few things about the game's Tundra and Volcano maps. In addition, fan favorite monster Deviljho will make his return to hassle series' newcomers and veterans alike when he debuts as free DLC in the spring.

Alongside returning series' Elder Dragons, the storm-calling Kushala Daora and the inferno-cultivating Teostra - who seem to be able to spawn on the same map, a series first as well as what seems like a tacit confirmation that the Tundra and Volcano are directly connected! - players also have a new, as-of-yet unnamed Elder Dragon that makes its home in The Rotten Vale to contend with, alongside the newly announced regular monster Dodogama, a rock-eating wyvern with explosive saliva.

Not shown in the trailer, but confirmed during a Japanese livestream and re-affirmed by Capcom USA with today's press release, is that a final wave of the Monster Hunter: World Beta will hit ahead of launch on January 18th, continuing through the 22nd. Much like the second wave of the Beta it'll contain some new changes - including the challenge to tackle Monster Hunter: World's titular Nergigante ahead of launch on an extremely strict 15 minute timer.

Today's final bit of news comes with the reconfirmation that the title will be receiving free DLC, including new monsters, post-launch with the information that Deviljho will become available to hunt in the spring.

Monster Hunter: World releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this month on January 26th, with a PC release planned for sometime this fall.

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