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ESRB Rates Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition for Playstation 4 and Xbox One

An ESRB rating for Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition has appeared on their website. While the rating itself doesn't contain any useful information, the existence of the rating itself is pretty interesting. We are expecting more news about the Windows Edition early this year, which has been something of a silent mystery since its original announcement, outside of a system requirements update in October.

As part of its original announcement, the Windows Edition will contain free and paid DLC content for the base game included so it's likely that the Royal Edition will have a similar selection of bundled DLC. Complicating things further is the fact that DLC 'Episode' releases for Final Fantasy XV are planned to continue through this year, starting with Episode Ardyn.  If content is still being released for the title, it's not sure if a second season pass will be offered, and how this content will be integrated with these bundle releases.

Stay tuned for updates if the release information becomes officially published. 

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