Check out an hour of gameplay footage for Hokuto ga Gotoku

Earlier today, Sega held a live stream for their upcoming title Hokuto no Ken (aka Fist of the North Star) currently in development from Yakuza Studio, the team behind, what else, the Yakuza series.

In the said footage, we get a good look at Kenshiro blowing people up with his fists and kicks like it's an everyday hobby. All the while, the post-apocalyptic barrenness of planet Earth offers an ominous backdrop to the action. Kenshiro's rival Shin also makes an appearance along with everyone's favorite sidekick, Bat.

Check out the hour's worth of gameplay below (footage runs from 21:30 to 01:24:30). I should note the video may contain some minor spoilers: 

Hokuto ga Gotoku is set to be released in Japan exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on March 8. There is currently no word on a Western release.