Monster Hunter World Celebration Pack Commemorative Gift: free 5 million celebration item pack for all players - here's how to get it

Capcom is obviously feeling pretty good about Monster Hunter World become a record-breaking title in the series, as they're treating fans to some special celebratory bonuses. Players can now grab a free 5 million celebration item pack containing a commemorative gift of items to celebrate the game shipping 5 million units in just three days - not bad for free!

Monster Hunter World passing 5 million copies shipped so quickly is a very big deal for Capcom - as previously mentioned it's a series best, but it also marks the first time this much-loved niche series has seen such widespread success in the West. Given that the game is reviewing well and has some pretty overwhelmingly positive word of mouth it seems like they'll probably sell through much of this first shipment in good time, too.

The celebration pack will be available from January 31st until February 15th. Read  on to hear what else you need to know about it...


How to get your 5 Million Celebration Item Pack Commemorative Gift

The item pack to celebrate 5 million units of Monster Hunter World shipped actually appears as a login bonus alongside the regular login bonuses, but Monster Hunter World actually neglects to fully explain how to pick these up. If you've picked up any of Monster Hunter World's pre-order bonuses you should already know what to do, but if you don't, here's a quick primer:

  • Once you've picked them up from the log-in bonus menu, you'll have to actually go and get the items manually in the Astera hub of Monster Hunter World.
  • Head to your personal quarters in Astera - this can be in one of a few different states, but you should know where it is so long as you're past the first few tutorial missions.
  • There, talk to your Housekeeper - that's the Palico that isn't your personal partner in crime. They'll have a few options around the training area for Monster Hunter World's weapons, placing pets you've caught, and finally Claim Add On & Bonuses.
  • You know what to do - hit that button, and the following screen (as pictured below) will let you grab your special 5 million celebration item pack. Enjoy the gift! But what do you get? Read on, dear reader... 

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What you get in the 5 Million Celebration Item Pack Commemorative Gift

The Monster Hunter World commemorative gift gives you a few useful items that'll really help you out, especially if you're still early on in the story. You'll get:

  • 50 Mega Potions - invaluable for battles
  • 20 Lifepowder - likewise, but even better.
  • 10 Demon Powder - for boosting attack strength
  • 10 Hardshell Powder - for boosting defense 
  • 5 Steel Eggs - a rare upgrade material