Diablo creator David Brevik has a new game called It Lurks Below

Game designer David Brevik has quite the storied history. Not only is he the visionary behind Diablo I and Diablo II, but he also helped create Marvel Heroes as the head of Gazillion Entertainment. That leads us to his next project, and that's an independent title named It Lurks Below.

The best way to explain it is a mix between Diablo and Terraria. The game will feature various action RPG mechanics with a ton of loot to obtain, places to dig, and objects to construct (hence the Terraria comparison). And the most interesting thing about it? David Brevik did all the work on his own, an idea that was scaled back to the point where he could handle things by himself.

Expect procedurally-generated worlds to explore, randomized monsters to encounter, and a deep level of items to collect as you make your way through this 2D sidescrolling adventure. All your equipment will carry its own stats and elemental properties, but the same goes for the monsters you must fight with. 


It's up to the player to decide how easy the journey will be. You can either decide to play on 'easy' mode for those who just want to be creative, normal mode, and a hardcore permadeath mode. 

Don't expect a one-and-done scenario, however. Brevik has promised plenty of new content to be added well after the game's initial release, while also paying close attention to the desires and feedback from the community to make the game the best it can possibly be.

Those interested in learning more can tune into a Twitch live stream hosted by David Brevik tomorrow, February 2 at 9:00 PM PT. He hopes to release the game sometime later this year for PC with a closed beta this weekend that will be limited to 200 people.

Take a look at a gallery of screenshots below:

It Lurks Below Screenshots
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