Monster Hunter: World is the first PS4 title to surpass 1 million sales on the first week in Japan

Monster Hunter: World is nothing short of phenomenal. While a few days ago Capcom announced that they have shipped 5 million copies (including digital sales) worldwide on the first three days after its worldwide release on January 26, one has to wonder how it fares in Japan as many games in the series managed to hit a million sales in their first weeks.

Famitsu published their findings this week withMonster Hunter: World achieving 1,350,412 physical copies sold within the first three days, setting a new record for a PS4 game released in Japan. They also put it at the highest possible sellthrough estimation level (80~100%) and estimated the grand total could even exceed 2 million copies if digital sales are included.

Dengeki's findings from ASCII Media Works weren't too far either, with Monster Hunter: World setting 1,333,602 physical copies sold in the same period with an estimated sellthrough rate of around 95%. It is set to surpass even the PS4 version of Dragon Quest XI which sold 946 thousand copies in its first week and has a total sales of 1.374 million copies. Dengeki assumes the digital sales ratio at around 30%, which would put the grand total to around 2 million copies just like Famitsu. They even mention that World could see even higher numbers had Capcom shipped more stocks in Japan.

And finally, Monster Hunter: World was even able to break a million sales in Media Create, where it has 1,245,169 copies sold as posted at 4Gamer. With a sellthrough rate of 92.07%, it manages to outsell the previous title Monster Hunter XX on 3DS (which sold 848 thousand copies in the first week) by about 1.5 times, and more than twice the number of the last major MH game on console Monster Hunter Tri (which sold 520 thousand copies on Wii). Media Create expects World to have a long sales session, as the multiplayer-oriented Monster Hunter series has a relatively strong tendency of becoming long-time sellers.

These reports have all proven that Monster Hunter: World surpasses all expectations and even contributes to revitalizing the console gaming market in Japan. You can find our review for Monster Hunter: World here.

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