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Fable III Limited Collector's Edition Announced

Microsoft have announced and detailed the Fable III Limited Collector's Edition, showing off what'll be in the final package for Fable fans.

The Limited Collector's Edition is to include a new in-game quest, location, dog breed and outfit in game as well as Fable III playing cards, a guild seal coin and a copy of Fable III with snazzy, special edition sleeve artwork in the real world.

The new quest will see players journey into the forests of Silverpines in search of a legendary sword to use in battle, while the extra dog breed, location and costumes will allow for a higher degree of customization.

The Guild Seal coin is designed to be flicked with a good and evil side that can help players make decisions in-game. The playing cards are all branded with Fable III characters, as you'd expect.

The Limited Collector's Edition is an Xbox 360 exclusive - PC players only get the standard game. Check out the first images of the Collector's Edition and its contents below.

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