Elder Scrolls Online gets two new dungeons with Dragon Bones DLC

Elder Scrolls Online fans - you have something new to check out with the latest update to the popular game.

Dragon Bones is a brand new expansion DLC for the MMORPG that has you putting your life on the line to face a giant skeletal dragon with murder on its mind (does it have a mind?). 

You will also be tasked with stopping an evil maniacal Dragon Priest from unleashing a terrible plague on the denizens of Tamriel. All the while, you will be picking up new equipment to fight off new monsters.


Here's a rundown of the two new dungeons featured in Dragon Bones - Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak:

Fang Lair

Fang Lair was once a large Dwemer mine. Their glory however was laid low by the Dragon Thurvokun centuries ago. The Dragon used the Dwarven halls as its lair for uncountless years, so much so that the original name of the mine was lost and it became simply known as, Fang Lair.

Thurvokun eventually passed but great power remained in the Dwemer halls. Adventurers from all corners of Tamriel sought to plumb the depths of Fang Lair to steal the treasures for themselves and all met ruin. Now, Orryn the Black, a particularly powerful necromancer, and his followers have come to enact a ritual with which to raise the ancient Dragon and unleash it upon Nirn.

Scalecaller Peak

Scalecaller was an ancient Dragon Priest dedicated to the dragon, Thorvukun. When she was living, her power was immense and her reign seemed unchecked. That is, until she was betrayed by her followers and the link between her and her dragon was severed.

Her cult spread to the winds to avoid persecution but still maintained vigil for their fallen lord. Now, the time has come and the descendants of the Cult of Scalecaller have the means to bring the ancient Dragon Priest back to life.

The free-for-everyone Update 17 will also bring it some nice enhancements including better rewards for those who play with others, two new battlegrounds, a home storage system, and the ability to make adjustments to every part of your character's appearance.

Perhaps the most helpful addition is the inclusion of a "skills advisor" which makes sure your character is following the right track for the role you want to play. The update itself is 2.38GB in size, so just keep that in mind. Take a look at the full patch notes for more information.

Both Dragon Bones and Update 17 are available now for PC and Mac users of The Elder Scrolls Online. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will receive them on February 27. 

You can get the Dragon Bones DLC for free if you have an ESO Plus membership or you can purchase it for 1500 crowns at the Crown Store in-game.

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