Hokuto ga Gotoku demo now available in Japan

A demo for Hokuto ga Gotoku is now available on the Japanese PlayStation store. This 7.65 gigabyte download allows for the player to explore two different modes which include an look at the stylized combat system and exploration of the story and a glimpse at the city of Eden. We've listed these modes below and provided several videos from the official Ryu ga Gotoku Youtube account detailing the diverse style of combat available to Hokuto ga Gotoku.

  • “Experience Hokuto Shinken” – Delve into the battle system by fighting Shin. This mode includes an in-depth battle tutorial of the combat system in Hokuto ga Gotoku.
  • “Experience the Story” – Play a special side mission and explore Eden. This mode also includes the buggy which will allow Ken to navigate the areas outside of Eden.

Combat Video - Beginner Level

Combat Video - Intermediate Level

Combat Video - High Level

Hokuto ga Gotoku is set to be released in Japan exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on March 8. There is currently no word on a Western release.