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Square Enix confirms Kingdom Hearts Re:coded for Nintendo DS

Square Enix have confirmed that they'll be releasing Kingdom Hearts Coded on the Nintendo DS as Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded via their E3 2010 line-up, revealing not only that the game is coming but also that it'll be at the show this year.

The press release reveals the game will be released on the Nintendo DS, though the release date is TBC. It's classified by Square Enix as an Action RPG, and sees Sora and company dive into a digitized version of Jiminy Cricket's journal to relive adventures from the first two games with a twist.

We'll be on the show floor and behind Square Enix's closed doors at E3, so we'll be sure to check it out when we're there. Check out the single screenshot released of the game so far - from a prerendered cutscene - below.



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