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Microsoft announces "Inside Xbox", debut episode this weekend

Microsoft announced today via their online newsletter of a new monthly video feature titled Inside Xbox. Inside Xbox seems to be a Nintendo Direct-styled video stream to be hosted monthly by Xbox team stalwarts like Larry Hyrb and Jeff Rubenstein. Unlike a Nintendo direct, however, the streams are planned to be dated monthly as well as incorporate some amount of fan feedback through the #insidexbox Twitter hashtag alongside Mixer integration. The streams will be available to be viewed on Xbox's Twitch and Youtube pages as well.

Here are the key details of the new initiative from the announcement article.

Inside Xbox is many things. A premier live news broadcast that will highlight breaking announcements and a peek behind the curtain of Team Xbox. A glimpse at the mysteries of game design and a celebration of some of the month’s most exciting games and features. Most of all, it’s an opportunity for us to celebrate and listen to you, the community. All of this will be available streaming in 4K/UHD on supported services and platforms.

You can watch Inside Xbox in all the places you would expect, including,, Twitch.TV/Xbox, and

For us, Inside Xbox is the next step on a path Team Xbox has been traveling for many years. From programs like to the Xbox Insider Program, and the great work the team has done with Gaming For Everyone, we believe strongly in transparency, inclusion, and having an authentic two-way conversation with our fans. We want to hear from you as much as we want you to hear from us.

More details can be found at the announcement page. The first episode of Inside Xbox will focus on the upcoming Sea of Thieves, which releases in a couple weeks. The broadcast will air on March 10 at noon Pacific. 


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