TERA Introduces the Male Brawler with Counterpunch Update

A new update for the MMORPG TERA has gone live, and it introduces a new class to the game. The Male Brawler is functionally similar to the Female Brawler, but has unique animations, so players with an eye for visuals will be pleased. Along with this new class is a number of events to participate in, and more. Check out the update notes below!


TERA Counterpunch Update

New Class: Male Brawler

The Male Brawler is added to the game! Gameplay wise he is effectively the same as the Female Brawler, but he has a unique set of animations for some equal opportunity butt-kicking.

Dungeon and PvP Updates

  • The Ruinous Manor returns for both Normal and Hard modes, tweaked to account for new gear.
  • Battleground leaderboards implemented for PvP on the following maps:
    • Fraywind Canyon
    • Corsairs' Stronghold
    • Champions' Skyring


TERA is providing a number of events to celebrate the Counterpunch update:

  • March 13 – March 20: The TERA team has increased the total number of available character slots to 19 with this update. Log in during launch week to earn a character slot unlock coupon for free!
  • March 13 – April 10: Male brawlers created that reach level 15 during this time will receive one free ‘level up box’ per server. The box will contain helpful items for new brawlers including experience boosts, elite status vouchers, free mounts and more!
  • March 17 – March 18: Log in during the Weekend Warriors Event and play for three hours or more for a free special lootbox containing a shot at the rare Royal Ghost Dragon or Azure Phoenix mounts (and more!) That’s it, no strings attached!
  • March 24 – March 25: Weekend Warriors returns! Another free lootbox and chance at rare mounts and goodies awaits players for simply for playing three hours, for a one-two combo!

TERA's Counterpunch update is live now!