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Black Desert Online Update Adds Rabam's Enlightenment and More

A new update goes live for the MMORPG Black Desert Online today, introducing Rabam's Enlightenment and Team Battles to the game. Rabam's Enlightment allows players at level 56 or higher can use skill points to combine skills. Even more features of Rabam's Enlightenment will be available next week, as new skills become available.

Pearl Abyss has released a trailer for this update, and you can read the update notes below:

Black Desert Online March 14 Patch Notes

Rabam's Enlightenment

The developers provide details on the new system:

Players will be pleased to learn that Rabam’s Enlightenment will be rolled out for all 15 classes as a free update. Every character from level 56 and up can access this new feature from the skills page, provided they have sufficient skill points to attribute to Rabam’s Enlightenment. Furthermore, players will need to have unlocked the subsequent skills and sub skills in order to combine them.

Through Rabam’s Enlightenment, two main skills can be combined into a greater and more powerful skill. A Warrior class can, for instance, combine the Ground Smash with the Ground Roar skill to create Seismic Strike and a Striker can mix Flow: Mass Destruction with Flash Step, creating Flow: Back Step.

Rabam’s Enlightenment has a second phase that launches next week when new skills become available. These skills have a level 57 requirement allowing for more customisation. With the second phase, all classes will have a total of two new Rabam Skills.

Team Battles

Teams of 10 will battle it out with Team Battles. A Team Leader (automatically selected by the person with the highest stats) will select players to particpate in 1 v 1 fights. If the fights are a tie after two rounds, the deathmatch round will commence when the whole team participates for the chance to win it all.

You can read the full patch notes at Black Desert Online's official site.

This new update is available to play now.

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