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Square: Birth by Sleep "could've been called" Kingdom Hearts III

A Square Enix representative at E3 2010 has told RPG Site that Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is so massive that if it had been called Kingdom Hearts III fans wouldn't have been any the wiser.

Speaking to us during our hands-on demo of the game before we headed in to interview some of the game's staff, the Square Enix rep talked a little about the size of the game.

"This isn't just some handheld spin-off," he commented as he pointed out the number of save games we had to test out, showing off different worlds and characters. "This game is so massive, it's easily as big the two PS2 titles. This game could've been called Kingdom Hearts III and the fans wouldn't have been any the wiser."

When asked on the existance of an actual Kingdom Hearts III, both the English-speaking reps and the Japanese game staff were clear in our interviews. "Right now, Kingdom Hearts III isn't in development, but this is a popular series."

That sorts that, then. Perhaps fans can print some custom box art for Birth By Sleep that replaces the subtitle with a III. You can check out our hands-on impressions of the game through this link - and our interview with the staff will be up very soon.

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