New Etrian Odyssey title for Nintendo 3DS to be announced during April 10 livestream

Atlus will be holding a livestream regarding the Etrian Odyssey series next Tuesday, April 10, and has opened a new website at This stream is set to unveil the latest title in the series, which is slated to launch for Nintendo 3DS.

The URL for the website interestingly contains an 'sqx' instead of a number. (As in, the URL for the Japanese website for Etrian Odyssey 5 is Atlus previously announced that this title will represent a culmination of the series up to this point (and it will not be Untold 3).

You can find the embedded YouTube stream below, which is set to go live at noon Japan time, which is 11PM EDT, 8PM PDT on Monday night for those in the United States. 

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