Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time features online co-op dungeons and battles

Bandai Namco has shared brand new details regarding the upcoming Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time video game adaptation of the popular anime series (which deserves another season, I'm just saying) set to release next month. As we work our way towards that big day, the publisher has shared the game's online multiplayer features that should get fans excited.

You and up to three of your friends will be able to participate in cooperative battles inside of an infinite dungeon. As you work your way deeper through the labyrinth, you will face hordes of more difficult enemies while also uncovering even greater rewards and treasure to reap. 

If the thought of working with others doesn't interest you, you can always hop into the two-player online battles. Here, each participant will choose a team of three characters to form a party with and duke it out against other parties with a variety of victory conditions to keep things fresh.

Check out footage of the offline coop and the online coop trailers below (respectively).

Finally, here are a few screenshots to tide you over:

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Screenshots

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is scheduled to be released as a digital-only title on the PlayStation 4 through PSN and on PC via Steam on May 15 in both North America and Europe.