The House of Fata Morgana Physical Edition Announced

MangaGamer has announced that they're creating a physical edition of the niche horror visual novel The House of Fata Morgana. Costing $39.99, this edition will come with more than than just the game. Buyers will recieve a physical copy as well as a four disc soundtrack, which includes previously unreleased tracks. For those that like the physical goodies but prefer to own the game on Steam, this edition will also come with a special Steam key card, which will unlock a digital version of the game and the soundtrack.


For those that haven't had the chance to try The House of Fata Morgana yet, this may be your chance to get a collectible edition of the well-recieved visual novel. The House of Fata Morgana tells the story of a mansion, and the people who lived in it over the millenia in an attempt to restore the main character's memories. As fate would have it, the denizens of the mansion live lives full of tragedy and despair, and it's questionable how the mansion and its mysterious Maid plays a role in it all.

The physical edition of The House of Fata Morgana releases on May 17, 2018 and you can pre-order it at MangaGamer.